Grafen Develops Universal Thermoplastic Masterbatch of Graphene
Grafen is introducing GMBTM-U, a thermoplastic graphene masterbatch combining universal dispersibility in polyolefins, ease of handling and industrial applications.

Driven by recent market environment and growing demand in thermoplastic nanocomposite manufacturing, as the leading supplier and preferred business partner of graphene masterbatches, Grafen Co. has started to develop universal masterbatch formulations. The new universal masterbatch opens up large fields of application, particularly for industrial products made of polyolefins.


GMBTM-U has been designed for excellent miscibility in all common polyolefins such as polypropylene and polyethylene to be processable in film extrusion and injection molding. Thanks to innovative chemistry of the carrier resin in GMBTM-U, graphene sheets efficiently exfoliate during thermoplastic compounding and mixing processes which ensures well bonded and dispersed graphene in polymer matrix. “GMBTM-U is expected to be the ultimate engineering solution for industrial research purposes seeking low cost and high volume supply capacity” says Ibrahim Mutlay, CSO of Grafen Co.

Detailed information about GMBTM-U can be accessed at:

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Grafen Develops Universal Thermoplastic Masterbatch of Graphene
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