Graphenea names Grafen Co. as the Middle East distributor
Grafen Co. and Graphenea S.A. have entered into an agreement for the distribution of Graphenea’s products in Turkey and Middle Eastern Countries.

The product line includes all CVD based graphene sheets, graphene oxide dispersions, reduced graphene oxide powders and related services.

“We look forward to servicing the Middle Eastern region with the Graphenea product line”, said İbrahim Mutlay, Grafen Co. Founder & CSO, “It’s an honor to be aligned with the largest, most comprehensive manufacturer in the graphene industry”.

Graphenea said it selected the company based on its long history of specialized industry expertise and proven track records with numerous other nanomaterials. “This new distribution network will provide our customers in the region with a broad range of products to meet any graphene application.” added Jesus de La Fuente, CEO of Graphenea.

About Graphenea S.A.
Graphenea is a Graphene producer funded in 2010 as a private equity company. Graphenea produces graphene by CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) growth and chemical exfoliation. Currently the company has a production plant in CIC nanoGUNE research center, in San Sebastian, with a graphene production capacity of 150,000 square centimeters per year. Since its foundation Graphenea has created a relevant Intellectual Property rights due to its investment in research and development, this factor has allow the company to keep a technology leadership position in this global market. Graphenea is part of the Graphene Flagship consortium.

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Graphenea names Grafen Co. as the Middle East distributor
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