Grafen in Progress

Grafen Co. continues to grow with larger facilities, stronger infrastructure and new services.

Our company has been in the graphene journey for almost seven years. When we went into the graphene market after years of successful work on carbon nanotubes and fullerenes as well as cutting-edge industrial projects we found a so young business field. We believe we have pioneered industrial graphene technologies especially in our own region. We were one of the first companies proposing the idea of the collaboration with graphite mining industry. Again we were the one who invented universal graphene masterbatch for thermoplastics.

Now it’s time to proceed! We are moving our facilities to a new location in Altındağ, Ankara. The new house will allow us much more volume and functionality. We will also refresh our services and our main base to offer more consistent business for our customers. We hope, and we believe you will like our evolved form; maybe, you might call it something like, Grafen 2.0!

Please follow our website to check the process, anytime you can access us at [email protected] particularly to ask our new contact info.

Grafen in Progress
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