CVD-CX / Advanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
Cutting-Edge CVD Manufacturing for Graphene, Carbon Nanotubes and Semiconductors

- Thermal CVD
- Plasma Enhanced CVD
- Metal Organic CVD
- Crystal Growth CVD
- High precision process control
- Excellent vacuum technology up to ultra high range


- Multi-zone Furnace with Proprietary Real-Time Cascade Process Temperature Control
- Resistance Heating High Temperature Furnace to > 1200 °C
- Infrared (IR) Heating for Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) > 1100 °C
- Induction (RF) Heating for Process Temperatures to > 1500 °C
- Low Pressure Operation (100 - 700 Torr), < 50 mtorr Base Pressure
- Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) for Loadlock chamber and/or Process Chamber
- Loadlock for High Throughput and Additional System Safety
- Glove Box with exhausted or N purge 2
- Liquid Precursor Vapor Delivery Kit
3 Zone Resistance Furnace up to 1100 °C
Quartz Reaction Chamber 127 mm
Safety Systems Application Customized
UHP Gas Lines 4 Mass Flow Controlled
Wafer Sizes up to 100 mm
Warnings and Alarms User Settable
Warranty One (1) Year