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EFIB-RX / Extremely Configurable Research Electrospinning Unit
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2-channel Syringe Pump 10ml syringe: 0.1-300ml/h, 20ml syringe: 0.1-400ml/h, 50ml syringe: 0.1-600ml/h
Coaxial spinneret, inner nozzle is changeable Inner Diameter: 0.7mm, Outer Diameter: 1.6mm
Dimensions 800 mm length * 450 mm width * 840 mm height
Disk collector D= 75mm, sharp edge or flat edge
Drum dimension D=75 mm, 20 mm, 5 mm; L= 150 mm. 3 Nos. in total
Drum Rotation Speed 150-6000 rpm (standard type)
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Gross weight 80 kg
High Voltage Power Supply Device 0-50 kV, digital display
Inner Diameter of Single Nozzle 0.1-1.6mm
Multi-nozzle spinneret 5 nozzle, linear array
Net weight 60 kg
Power source 220V, 380V
Side by side nozzle diameter Changeable
Size as A4, or B5, or A5
Temperature Room Temp. to 80 °C