CVD-BTT7 / Thermal CVD for CNT Synthesis
A furnace type of CVD system for synthesizing carbon nanotubes with a horizontal quartz tube furnace (diameter = 70 mm).

- Furnace heating unit and temperature controller are integrated in one unit.
- Ethanol liquid can be used as carbon source, as well as hydrocarbon gas; good effect for SWCNT synthesis.
- Catalyst-precursor providing function is equipped; long-length ( ~500 um) vertically-aligned CNT films and powdery CNT can be synthesized.
- 3 lines of precise mass-flow gas controllers are equipped.
1. Tube Diameter 70 mm
2. Tube Length 1200 mm
3. Heated Length 450 mm
4. Working Temperature 400 - 1000 °C
  Download: Technical Data Sheet