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CVD-BTM / Benchtop Mini CVD for Enhanced CNT Synthesis
The premium model of the mini CVD system, equipped with a multi-gas-introduction unit and a catalyst-precursor-heating unit, is designed for growing long-length (50μm-2mm) carbon nanotubes in both powder and vertically-aligned films.

- A variety of carbon sources (ethanol liquid and hydrocarbon gases) can be chosen.
- Radiation thermometer for monitoring of substrate temperature is equipped.
- Catalyst-precursor providing unit s equipped.
- Both of powdery and vertically-aligned CNT can be synthesized.
- 0.5-1g/lot of powdery CNTs can be produced.
- The max. length of the CNTs can reach to 2mm.

1. Reaction Zone 25 mm x 40 mm
2. Power 400 W
3. Operating Temperature 400 - 800 °C
  Download: Technical Data Sheet