Flax Prepreg
Flax Woven Fabric Prepreg

Natural flax fibers are manufactured using a unique Twistless Technology to ensure a high degree of fiber alignment, resulting in high performance and easy processing. Multipreg 8020 is a toughened epoxy resin system offering a balance of mechanical properties, excellent surface finish and processing flexibility. The resin system has been developed to offer a long outlife with variable cure capability.
1. Flax Density 1.5 g/cm3 (93.6lbs/ft³)
2. Yarn Linear Density 250tex
3. Fabric Type and Weight 2X2 Twill = 420g/m² / Plain Weave 4X4 = 510g/m²
4. Fabric Width 1.25m
5. Shelf Life 30 days shelf life at ambient temperature / 12 months freezer storage life
  Download: Technical Data Sheet