Flax-PP Textiles
Flax-PP is a range of commingled yarns, fabrics and preconsolidated sheets made from natural flax fibre and polypropylene (PP), suitable for producing fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composite parts. The fabrics are moulded into rigid components by simply applying heat and pressure to melt the thermoplastic, wet-out the flax and consolidate. Suitable processes include press moulding, vacuum bagging and autoclave. The yarns can be used in thermoplastic pultrusion and filament winding processes. The preconsolidated sheets can be used as they are or thermoformed into shaped parts. Biotex uses a unique Twistless Technology to ensure optimum performance and impregnation. The intimate blend of flax and thermoplastic ensures fast wet-out and low porosity, even with relatively low pressure processes.
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