Materials / Carbon Nanomaterials / Fullerenes
Fullerenes, buckyballs and functionalized fullerenes.
FUL-C60 / Fullerene C60
FUL-C70 / Fullerene C70
FUL-C84 / Fullerene C84
FUL-ST / Fullerene Soot mix of C60/C70
Hydrated Fullerene / [email protected](H2O)24
FUL-C76 / Fullerene C76
FUL-C78 / Fullerene C78
FUL-C60P / Fullerene C60 Purified
FUL-C60U / Fullerene C60, Ultra pure, Vacuum oven dried
FUL-SAR / Soot produced by electric arc discharge
FUL-SAX / Fullerene mixture extracted from soot produced by electric arc discharge
FUL-B6PM / Bis[60]PCBM
FUL-6PM / [60]PCBM
FUL-7PM / [70]PCBM
FUL-6TM / [60]ThCBM
FUL-8PM / [84]PCBM
FUL-6PA / [60]PCB-A
FUL-6PC / [60]PCB-Cn
FUL-6PT / [6,6]-Phenyl C61-butyric Acid 3-ethylthiophene Ester
FUL-6PBT / [6,6]-Phenyl C61-butyric Acid 2,5-dibromo-3- ethylthiophene Ester
FUL-MF / Metallofullerenes